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As a company, we operate under two independent departments. One which is led by Cath Knight which is the Care & Clinical Services Department, supported by a Clinical Director and Cath’s role is to oversee the operation of the department day to day, and another department led by Michael Workman known as the Ancillary Services Department, where Michael oversees the whole operational functioning of everything within the ‘domestic’ range, including shopping facilities and other domestic related support outside of specialised provisions.

Each department has its own goals and ambitions, but when required works collaboratively together to ensure that a cross-sector approach is implemented where necessary. Therefore, the organisation prides itself on being a unique and bespoke provider, ensuring that your needs are met as a whole and not in part.

Cath Knight

Cath Knight

Director of Care Services

Michael Workman

Michael Workman

Director of Ancillary Services

Email the Care Director

Email the Ancillary Director

Care & Clinical Services Department

We are a unique provider in ensuring that the services offered by us, whether directly or indirectly are proportionate to your needs, and wherever possible, we ensure that we can aid, support and facilitate in a rounded manner as opposed to an objective framework of rigidity and a sense of demoralising environments.

That said, we feel we are one of very few providers in Wales who are truly committed to individuals who are in receipt of Direct Payments. As such if you receive or are thinking of receiving Direct Payments, but the daunting thought of becoming an employer is either hindering or preventing your choice, we are here to help! We will help manage this for you. 

If you need specialised care and support, including socialising and implementing a through approach, even if we can assist you domestically, we are here to help!

In addition we have a specifically appointed Clinical Director who oversees the functioning of ‘Clinical Services’ which is in addition to Care Services but works in partnership, being a more specialised package of support that needs more attention medically.

Therefore, please see a wide range of psychological therapies, including Mental Health needs and other related information where we may be able to assist you clinically, besides in a caring and supportive manner.

Ancillary Services Department

We utilise our social care background to ensure that our domestic services are proportionate, personalised to you and that you receive the service you desire.

You are assigned your very own personal cleaner or domestic worker. All our staff are specifically trained in bespoke solutions, as we feel teams of staff, grouped as one entity, are not the most discreet and un-invasive option. Therefore, we aim to provide a service which operates behind the scenes and works for you.

We work to your schedule and agree on a specific appointment slot. We offer domestic, professional and deep cleaning services. Whether you need support to maintain your home, or if you lead a busy professional life, we are there to offer you the solution that you require; so, get in contact today!