As a company, we operate under two independent departments. One which is led by Cath Knight which is the Care & Clinical Services Department, supported by a Clinical Director and Cath’s role is to oversee the operation of the department day to day, and another department led by Michael Workman known as the Ancillary Services Department, where Michael oversees the whole operational functioning of everything within the ‘domestic’ range, including shopping facilities and other domestic related support outside of specialised provisions.

Each department has its own goals and ambitions, but when required works collaboratively together to ensure that a cross-sector approach is implemented where necessary. Therefore, the organisation prides itself on being a unique and bespoke provider, ensuring that your needs are met as a whole and not in part.

Cath Knight

Cath Knight

Director of Care Services


Michael Workman

Michael Workman

Director of Ancillary Services


Email the Care Director

Email the Ancillary Director

Care & Clinical Services Department

We are a unique provider, regulated and overseen by regulatory authority’s in ensuring that the services offered by us, whether directly or indirectly are proportionate to your needs, and wherever possible, we ensure that we can aid, support and facilitate in a rounded manner as opposed to an objective framework of reference, causing rigidity and a sense of desocialised environments.

That said, we feel we are the only provider in Wales who are truly committed to individuals who are in receipt of Direct Payments. As such if you receive or are thinking of receiving Direct Payments, but the daunting thought of becoming an employer is either hindering or preventing your choice, we are here to help! We will help manage this for you. We become the employer, employed by you, we take full statutory responsibilities away from you, leaving you to do the important bit, which is receiving, and collaboratively, with a key worker, organizing your support package on a day-to-day basis, enabling you to receive your full support package without the added cost and need to fit around the service provider.

If you need specialised care and support, including socialising and implementing a through approach, even if we can assist you domestically, we are here to help!

In addition we have a specifically appointed Clinical Director who oversees the functioning of ‘Clinical Services’ which is in addition to Care Services but works in partnership, being a more specialised package of support that needs more attention or perhaps interventions from multiple agencies, including your local Health Board.

Therefore, please see a wide range of psychological therapies, including Mental Health needs and other related information where we may be able to assist you clinically, besides in a caring and supportive manner.

Ancillary Services Department

We utilise our social care background to ensure that our domestic services are proportionate, personalised to you and that you receive the service you desire.

You are assigned your very own personal cleaner or domestic worker. All our staff are specifically trained in bespoke solutions, as we feel teams of staff, grouped as one entity, are not the most discreet and un-invasive option. Therefore, we aim to provide a service which operates behind the scenes and works for you.

We work to your schedule and agree on a specific appointment slot.

We are highly recommended and have only been around since June 2016 and therefore we have experienced a 120% (approx.) increase in clientele. All our customers rate us as value for money and an asset to their life’s.

Under the department we have a designated shopping service. The shopping service can either be where we operate an electronic ordering system were we charge a modest fee, or we can work collaboratively together with the Care & Clinical Services Department, ensuring that as far as possible we provide a bespoke solution for each individual or even if you are a group, or organisation requiring our support, then do not hesitate to get in contact.

We offer domestic, professional and deep cleaning services. Whether you need support to maintain your home, or if you lead a busy professional life, we are there to offer you the solution that you require; so, get in contact today!

We have a specific framework agreement with Age Cymru Swansea Bay, particularly associated to our Ancillary Services agreement. The framework is where, in partnership to the charity, we have a complete plausible provision from trusted, affiliated branding, where we have a decorum of accountability for good quality service.

We also offer, informally, a be-friending service. The befriending service is exactly that, where it provisions for your needs if your either wanting someone to regularly stop by and have a chat or discussion, or even help filling in forms, sending off and applying for things, sorting bills, ringing around etc. or even just to have a cup of tea with and a chat. Our befrienders are there for support, they are there to uphold the views of our customers and make sure you feel supported. They can also support you to attend Hospital Appointments or Clinic. However, the befriender is not an advocate, legally, but can help you portray your viewpoints. Equally, we have a firm understanding and belief that even if it’s because you want to go on holiday and are worrying about a loved one. Worry no more, we are here to support you and will continue to do so, why rely on heavy restbite fees just when someone can equally, pop in to see your relatative(s) and have an understanding that they’re fine and accounted for, safely.

We also within the service offer a robust, comprehensive and measurable shopping service, under the management of Ancillary Services. Whether it be your need to ring up, plece your order, or even have someone come, pick you up and take you to the shops, we will cater for whatever you require, at any time. Just get in touch and we will ensure you’re supported in great empathy.