This page has been specifically designed to answer any difficult questions that you may have regarding any part of our services whether directly or indirectly to provide some basic answers to questions that you may have either as a member of the community, or as a service user. These are some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). If you cannot find an answer to any of the questions you desire below, then please do not hesitate to email us (as listed above) and we will only be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Care & Clinical Services Department

How can I access the care service?

In a few easy steps, as easy as 1, 2, 3 & 4 you can either be in a position with the Local Authority of having paid support either in the form of homecare or as Direct Payments. Alternatively, if you are privately funded we can almost put your care into place immediately. Although, we would centralise the next move whether Local Authority or privately funded around a full and balanced care assessment. In answer to this question we will ensure either if its carried out by the Local Authority or ourselves that you are fully assessed, any eligible needs are met and catered for regularly and that you are not compromised in any way in relation to your care. We aim to speed this process up in 4 simple steps:

1. You get in contact
2. We contact you to arrange an assessment/refer to social services as appropriate
3. We agree on a plan moving forward
4. We implement your care as agreed.

What is a care assessment?
A care assessment is a method of assessing your care needs in a strategic manner, ensuring that based on all core factors relating to what is considered as ‘eligible needs’ (those which are deemed as a necessity) are identified so that we can put the correct level of support, at the correct time based on what you require. The care assessment enables us to piece together what you require, what you need, how we can meet your care requirements and, to put into action what it is you have identified as core essential needs to help you live more independently and feel supported with daily living. Without the care assessment, we have no means of piecing together the information we require to support you effectively.
How will my care be structured?
This is at the mercy of you. We work with you, for you. That said, we also work to some extent where appropriate, to the directive of the applicable Local Authority. As such, we pride ourselves on providing to you, bespoke, tailored care support packages which are viable for your needs and requirements and sustainable for the period you require the care, either short or long term. It is difficult for us to give a straightforward answer, except, we meet you halfway in whichever way we can, enabling you to meet your prescribed needs, requirements and packages of care and support. We therefore draw reference to the designing of an appropriate care package, ensuring that we cover all bases with you to have a care package which is proportionate to your needs and meets your expectations.
What happens if I need to change my care time?
Don’t worry. We offer a bespoke service, so if for whatever reason the agreed time is no longer suited to you, we will work with you as much as we can to draw up a point of reference to determine an appropriately suited time that you desire. As such, if you are due to receive care at 4pm and go out with family members and won’t make it back until 6pm we will do as much as we possibly can to ensure we honour this and bespoke these services around what matters to you. However, if the change is more long term we would need to look at what we can do to sustain this in the future. That said, although one off changes are OK, if you need to permanently change a time then this would inform us that the current care plan is not effective and that said, your key worker would need to look at drawing up a plan of moving forward, potentially re-designing your care plan altogether with your agreement and support.
What is a Key Worker?
A Key Worker is normally the responsible individual for the geographical region in which you reside. That said, they are there to support and aid you. Their job is specifically there to manage smaller pools of service users and care staff alike to assure that we can remain committed to the bespoke care approach, rather than long waiting times, out of touch directors and staff who are familiar with the front line are assisting you to make crucial decisions. As a senior care worker, they are also there to line-manage your care workers. That said, they are placed in the perfect position to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that at all costs, any issues encountered are explored, addressed and managed in a controlled manner, assuring first class quality care.

Ancillary Services Department

What do you do as a cleaning provider?

Alike to our bespoke care services we are also an independent, economically viable and trusted ancillary service provider. That said, we are the only provider currently who offers a unique through approach (Care and Cleaning) if required, or standalone services as and when required. We work with you, for you, to determine what cleaning arrangements you are looking for and how you need to be supported with your cleaning needs.

Basically, we do what you want us to do. We offer a FREE consultation and a visit to come and discuss with you the requirements you have. As such, we have a clear goal of making this as less stressful for you as possible to help you achieve your mission of obtaining support as quickly as possible. As such, we aim to provide a bespoke and tailored cleaning solution which offers a discreet and valued service provision.

How do you operate as a cleaning provider?

We provide a service based on the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) so you can be assured that everything we do is quality assured, based on what is considered safe practice and applicable to the wider industry.

In terms of logistics, we provide all equipment and cleaning products for you. Except, if you have allergies or preferences to products, we ask that you supply these. If there are any allergies or irritations towards products these are explored at the point of the FREE consultation to determine any specific requirements/needs that you may have.

Appreciating this, we as a provider ensure that we operate in a discreet, un-invasive manner where you can be assured that your cleaner has been satisfactorily checked, is trustworthy and highly skilled for any eventuality. This is a priority of ours.

Do your directorates work cross-sectional?

Yes, we have some staff who work across both directorates and, if clients require this we can provide a bespoke cross-sectional approach to ensure that your domestic and care needs are met and maintained on a continual basis.

Our directors/heads of service have a particularly strong working partnership which ensures there is a strategic goal in place to draw reference to individuals who require the cross-sectional approach and how we can help you. As such, we have some care clients who require cleaning and vice versa, where both heads of service would then work together to ensure that he/she is understood to have sound understanding of the individual and how they can support the individual at hand.

How do I set up a cleaning service?

As stated earlier, we want this to be as easy as possible for you. That said in four simple steps we can get you set up for a cleaning service ensuring that we have a solution in place as quickly as possible, preventing you from doing those dreaded chores if possible. These four easy steps are as follows:

1. You contact us.
2. We visit you to discuss and provide a FREE consultation
3. We agree on a way forward
4. We implement the service that is required.

Appreciating the above, our priority are your needs. We want you to feel supported by us as an organisation as quickly as possible, and appreciating this, our Director of Cleaning along with their supervisors and other appropriate senior staff work tirelessly to get this set up for you as quickly as possible to ensure you are receiving the best quality service as soon as it’s practicable.

As stated above if you have any queries, concerns or questions which you feel are not addressed in this FAQ’s section, please, do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with us to explore any issues that may be troubling you.